Our Corporate and Administrative services aim to save you some time from the administrative work that needs to be carried out and so have more time to deal with the management and future of your business.

Our Corporate and Administrative services include :

  • Preparation and filing of Annual Returns and other records
  • Maintaining Shareholders Registry
  • Secretarial Services on an annual basis
  • Services regarding the filing of corporate changes to the Registrar of Companies Department and issue of  certificates
  • Formation of companies and other forms of businesses
  • Services relating to the registration of trade names and logos
  • Preparation of minutes in relation to the meetings held by the Board of Directors and Shareholders
  • Opening and operating bank accounts
  • Provision of bank signatories and processing bank instruction
  • Arranging for any bank related issues such as the issue of bank credit cards, bank transfers etc.
  • Carrying out negotiations on behalf of our clients
  • Applying for and obtaining various kinds of licenses from Government Authorities
  • Assistance for the registration of an International Trust
  • Assistance for the registration of a Shipping Company (Ship owning and ship management Co)
  • Assistance for the registration of any vessel (ship, yacht, etc.)under Cyprus flag
  • Migration services / Residence permits
  • Re-domiciliation of companies